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We will examine a strategy to not go over your budget, while still enjoying the casino gambling experience.

In this article, we will examine a strategy to not go over your budget, while still enjoying the casino gambling experience. This article will not provide insights into particular casino strategies or games, but it will touch on the concept of bankroll management so if you are enjoying playing casino games, but spend more than you wish to please read on.

Although it might be self-explanatory, we will define that bankroll for the purpose of this article is your gambling budget for one week. It is vital to stick to your bankroll management once definied. This means that no matter winning or loosing, until your financial situation changes for bad or worse you will have to follow your financial rules.

After deciding what your weekly budget is, you will have to determine the amount of sessions and how long they are. A safe number of sessions is around 3-4 per week as otherwise it might turn into a compulsive habit.  Have in mind that this is just a form of entertainment – one of many!

You have now outlined your bankroll, your session time and amount so now we can start developing the strategy based around these values. Lets start with a 100$ bankroll for the purpose of calculating. We can devide this bankroll in 2 sessions of 50$. If things are not so straightforward you will have to add your total hours for all sessions then devide your bankroll by this number so you can have an estimate of how many dollars you have to spend for an hour of game session.

Following our example, we now have a 50$ budget per 2 hour session. If we are lucky and the gambling gods are on our side, the session can last more. From this we can determine how much our max bet should be to get the full entertainment. There are no certainties in gambling, however following a strict bankroll management will result in a good calculation for average expected outcome.

Next we need to decide what games will be played in order to be able to work out the bet amount. We will investigate the strategy with video slots. The main question is how many turns can be played for a specific game for an hour. The average for video slots is 12 turns for a minute which means 720 turns per hour. Since we are calculating a 2 hour session the number for a session increases to 1440 turns. In addition we need to calculate the house edge which the casino keeps from the payout of games. This can vary between 5-10% but we will develop a conservative strategy with 10% for the casino.

This calculation means we need to take out 10% of 1440 so 144. Now we devide the 50$ we will use for one session to 144 – 0.35c per game turn. Of course it depends on how many lines you play in this situation. An average strategy would be to bet 5c on 7 lines to get the 35c bet per turn. If you wish to have more risk, but more rewards as well in case of luck you can bet all 35c on one line. This is every players’ decision and strategies can vary. The idea is to have a bankroll management to avoid losing track of the session times and to incur financial  losses beyond your expectations. 

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